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Lesson #28:  Prompt the media to call you

If we want a reporter to call us for an interview, sometimes all it takes is sending a press release. And it doesn't have to be long. In fact, it shouldn't be too long.

We want to tell them enough about our business to intrigue them so they pick up the phone and call us.

That's what Marie Subranni in New City, New York, did to publicize her business called Lawnaments just outside the Big Apple. She surprises homeowners celebrating a happy occasion such as a birthday, graduation or new birth by placing lawn ornaments on their front lawns in the middle of the night.  

She sent the press release below to five local media outlets. Her daily newspaper called and ran a two-page story July 4, 2006. It included a photo and a sidebar explaining details and the cost of the service.

"Initially, I was disappointed because nothing happened," Marie said. "But people must have set the story aside because today alone, a month and a half after the story ran, I've already gotten five calls from people who saw it."

Notice the suggestion that people use her service to honor military men and women.    

Here's the release: 


Thieves in the Night Replace Greeting Cards

New City, New York - June 1, 2006 --- Greeting cards and email greetings are a thing of the past. Lawn greetings are the newest discovery in "gotcha" technology.

Lawnaments, a lawn greeting company located in New City, New York, delivers their greetings and celebration reminders in the dark of night in an effort to surprise or "prank" the recipient. Marie Subranni, owner and operator of Lawnaments, explains: "It's an unusual way to celebrate a special occasion. Anyone can send a card or an email, but this shows that some real thought went into the process."

With one phone call and a low price, you can hire Lawnaments to deliver a personalized yard greeting under the cloak of darkness. With the car engine and lights off, and while trying not to make a sound or wake the family hound, Lawnaments sets up an elaborate display of flamingos, cows, pigs and smileys in a custom arrangement to fill the lawn.

In the morning, the recipient wakes to a yard-sized greeting celebrating common events like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations... to uncommon events like a job promotion, or even a "welcome home" greeting for a soldier.

To honor our military men and women, Lawnaments provides a special military display, free of charge, to anyone who's deployed or returning home. Whether we agree with the war or not, Lawnaments believes these men and women deserve this recognition.

With a definite eye on attention grabbing, lawn greetings are a new and fun way to celebrate any occasion. "The surprise lasts a day, the memory lasts a lifetime," Marie said.

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Jeff Zbar, the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2001 Small Business Journalist of the year, explains the kinds of news, pitches and other information that small-business reporters are looking for. He details them all during an interview with me called "The Fastest, Cheapest, Easiest Ways to Publicize Your Small Business."

Opportunity #28: Free consultation

Some businesses, like consultants for instance, offer free consultations. And if potential buyers like what they hear, they might hire you for a longer assignment. 

Tomorrow:  We'll kick off Week 5 and learn how to write
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