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This free tutorial of 89 lessons shows you how to write and distribute press releases the new way--not only for journalists, but for potential customers and anyone else who needs what you are promoting. It's the best tutorial you'll find anywhere. Once a day, for 89 days in a row, I will email you:

  • One lesson on how to write or distribute a press release that anyone who is interested in your topic, including the media, will read. This is the real meat of the tutorial and the part most people struggle with--even professional PR people.

  • One powerful and effective opportunity to write a press release. For example: If you create a new product, that's one opportunity. You'll get 88 more. 

You'll learn not only the basics of good press release writing for online and offline publicity, you'll also see examples of good and bad press releases.

Every tip is free!

I'm publicity expert Joan Stewart, a.k.a. The Publicity Hound. I worked as a newspaper editor and reporter for 22 years, and I created this free tutorial because you must know how to write a press release before you can launch a successful publicity campaign.

And if you're not writing and distributing your press releases on the Internet, you're missing valuable opportunities to reach not only journalists, but potential customers and anyone who is interested in what you're promoting.

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In the days and week ahead, you'll learn all the basics, and many of the finer points, of writing press releases that will generate thousands of dollars in free publicity, calls from potential customers who find your press release online, and even requests from journalists who want to interview you.

Here's what you'll learn:

Week 1: Why you must stop writing the standard "old school" press
                release aimed only at journalists and start writing press
                releases that your buyers can find online...also, essential
                questions you must ask yourself before you start to write

Week 2: The 6 major parts of a press release--I'll dissect it so you
                know the basics

Week 3: How to write the first kind of press release that
               announces routine news like winning an award or getting

Week 4: How to write the second type of press release that
               announces bigger news, encourages potential customers
               to visit your website or call you, and entices journalists to
               contact you for an interview.

Week 5: How to write compelling headlines that command
               attention, including the 5 worst headline mistakes you
               can make

Week 6: Tips on how to keep information in the body of your press
                release organized and easy to read, and how to write the
                press release in such a way so that it encourages people
                to buy from you...TODAY.

Week 7:
"Before" and "after" examples of bad press releases that
                were rewritten to become great press releases

Week 8:  More examples of great press releases, what makes them
                great, and lessons you can learn from them when writing
                your own press releases

Week 9:  Tips for using photos to accompany press releases so you
                 start hearing people say "I saw your photo in the paper!"
                 and so potential customers can see exactly what you're

Week 10: How to optimize your press release for the search
                  engines so journalists and everyone else who needs
                  information about what you're promoting can find it

Week 11: The best options for distributing your press release so it
                  gets the greatest exposure possible and pulls traffic to
                  your website

Week 12: What to do after you've written your press release so it
                  does double and triple duty.

Week 13: Final thoughts, now that you know what you're doing

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